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Google Wallet Arrives

Posted on 9/20/2011 by A.A.I

Google and Sprint have announced the launch of Google Wallet. A tap to pay service that will allow users to store credit card information and make payments from one app on the android phone.  This app is currently only available on Nexus S 4G devices and a Citi MasterCard. Further support for both devices with NFC capabilities and more credit cards are in the works.  

The usefulness of this application will of course boil down to where you can use it. The app requires a device with NFC technology and a in-store terminal that makes use of the same NFC tech. At the time of this post such terminals aren't exactly widespread in the US.  Users looking to try out Google Wallet can visist to find out where they can use the app. Or by downloading the Mastercard PayPass Locator app.

Here's a demo of Google Wallet.


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