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One Today: Google's charity app now open to all

Posted on 7/18/2013 by A.A.I

Quick Update:  
Last time we covered One Today, the charity app from Google it was invite only.  I've personally been using this app since it launched. And not only is this a well built app but it allows you to flex your philanthropy muscles a bit without even getting up.   Each day new causes are featured and you can choose to "give a little to change a lot." 

Single Donations are limited to $1 and within  a mobile structure that price mark makes giving, less of decision.  Though you can pledge to match donations that are given by others (up to a limit) if you really want to give more.  The causes you'll find in the app cover a wide range of issues and needs, meaning there is almost always something you'll find worthwhile waiting for your donation.  I have yet to be able to move on from the app without wishing I could give more than a $1 a day. 

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