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Hit iPhone App, UrbanSpoon comes to Android

Posted on 2/05/2010 by A.A.I

UrbanSpoon is one of the iPhones most popular apps. And many people will be pleased to learn it is now available on Android (Nexus One and Droid)

"Can’t decide where to eat? Urbanspoon can help. Shake your phone and Urbanspoon suggests restaurants near you. Keep shaking until you find a restaurant you’d like to try. Lock the dials to find restaurants by location, cuisine and price range."

Now for the info. UrbanSpoon helps you locate local restaurant and view reviews from other users pertaining to the business. The suggestions you get are based on location, price and food style. The interesting part is that the Android version comes with a few extra features. For instance when you select a restaurant you will receive location info and phone number as well as a rating based on reviews from Urbanspoon users. On android you can utilize voice and text search. You can also change your location, to view restaurants in other cities.

It seems as though the people over and Urbanspoon are intersted in hitting all android devices. They simply need to work on it. So if you don't have a Droid or Nexus One you can keep on the look out for further info. I'm still working on getting my hands on a Nexus One so I can't give a full review yet. But look for it soon.

Head over to for the exclusive article which includes talk with UrbanSpoon founfer Ethan Lowry.

Scan the qrcode with your android phone to download UrbanSpoon from the market.

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