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Mixzing Music Player

Posted on 2/03/2010 by A.A.I

It’s been called “The hottest music player for Android devices, and quite simply the most advanced music player on the planet.” We put it to the test in our review. What I can say about MixZing Music Player (Lite). Right off, I'm using a G1 Phone so it may vary from system to system. It does what you expect from a music player and much more making it an amazing replacement for the default music player.

When you first install the app, you tell the MixZing where on your SD card you want the app to play music from and if you want, you can share your musical taste (via MySpace, Facebook, or After that you are done. Now this is where MixZing music player really differs from the default; the setup and the way the app works. Unlike the default music player with only 5 categories: Songs - Artists - Albums - Playlists - Now Playing. MixZing Music Player (Lite) comes with 7 categories: Artists - Albums - Songs - Genres - Playlists - Videos (more later) - Now Playing. I don't use categories much but when I do I have to use genres, My sidekick had that and I loved it but my android didn't till this app. That's just great because if you are like me then you are a fan several different genres and sometimes you're just in the mood to listen to a certain one. Pressing the menu button on your phone from the screen will bring up a menu: Play all - Shuffle All - Help - Settings. So play any song and the fun starts. As the song plays, at the top left is "i" button or info button (more on that later). In the top center is the artist, song, and album name tags. At he top right is the list button that shows you what's on your now playing list. In the middle left, a repeat button. In the middle center, a list of your recommended songs (you will only see this if you play your music byway of the categories instead of Play All or Shuffle All. And to the middle right is the shuffle button. The rest of the standard buttons are found at the bottom and under all of this is the album art. You can get rid of the middle section so you can see all of the album art by clicking on the album art and it returns the same way.

Click on the "i" or info button and learn more about the artist you are currently listening to. Click on the name tags and you can search the song using Wikipedia, Google, YouTube or Amazon MP3. In the middle of all this is your recommended song list. Click on it and it start adding recommendations to your now playing list. However, if you are "Playing All" or "Shuffling All" you won't see any recommendations and the like and dislike buttons can't be used. MixZing gives you recommendations based on your playlist, which can start from just one song. With that said, I played one song and was given 20 recommended songs. MixZing can only give you recommendations for songs that have proper artist and title tags. It's like a mood player. Play a song and it will play more songs like it. By default, it creates a playlist every time you play a song. You can disable that in options. When you rate a song positively (the "+" button), MixZing adds that song to your playlist. Rating a song negatively (the "X" button) helps narrow down recommendations. The more songs you rate, the better MixZing learns what kind of music you want.

It goes above and beyond the call of duty by automatically downloading missing album art. That’s definitely a plus in my book. However, it's not a genius, it has to know what to get. You have to have the artist, song, or album tags for the app to know what to download. Also, MixZing will only download album art for songs that don't have album art. If you have a song with the wrong album art, this app will not correct it. Also, it doesn't know the Main Album art from the Single Album art, but it's better than no album art right? The new music button (via the menu button) will show you MixZing's new music recommendations to listen to. Sorry but MixZing's new music recommendation feature is still in beta mode so for now we can only listen to the previews and rate them. However, the ratings will improve your recommendations, and positively rated songs are saved in your shopping cart. It's said that an update will soon let you browse your shopping cart and buy the songs in it.This music player also plays videos off your SD Card although it's a basic video player. This app also comes with 2 widgets: One small and one large. I gotta say I haven’t had any problems with this one. UI is very smooth.I think I saw only 1 force close and I was even able to exit it so it didn't close on me. Removing your headphone from the phone does not pause the music and for some that's a good thing.

Decision: All in all, is it worth a download?...Yes. This is one of, if not the, best music players out there right now. Album art downloading is such a plus to me. And we do know features to come: Social music networking: connect with people who share your tastes. Visually browse albums and artists (like iPhone cover flow). Streaming full-length music, fully integrated with your music library. Song lyrics, artist news, events and photo galleries. Identification of untagged songs through audio fingerprinting. Automatic correction of missing or incorrect tags. This is one app that will get better with time. Check it out.

Use barcode scanner to download the app.

written by Kevin.

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  1. Nice app.I use barcode scanner the read the qrcode to download this music player,I really like it.So convenient!


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